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The only 100% online diving Pass that offers you 100% human support

Quick to purchase and easy to use, it allows certified divers* to explore the seabed in all our partner centers.
Buy a Diving Pass
French Polynesia

100% free
You only pay for your dives
100% online
Valid for 1 year
to several people
under conditions

You benefit from a single but decreasing price for all your dives - the more you buy, the less you pay! Totally free and refundable**, you just have to credit it with at least 6 dives.
* The Pass cannot be used for first or refresh dives.
** Under conditions, see CGDV Article 6. Withdrawal or Cancellation.

French Polynesia
in the spotlight

Diving Center
nearly 40
diving centers
on 16 Islands
and 4 archipelagos
eDivingPass is THE benchmark for diving passes in French Polynesia!

Our forty diving centers partner

Blue Way Manihi
Bora Diving Center
Bora Ocean Adventures
Coco Dive Tikehau
Dive N Smile
Dive Spirit Fakarava
Diveasy Bora-Bora
Eleuthera Plongée
Enata Fakarava Diving
Fluid Tahiti
H2O Bora-Bora
HemisphereSub Raiatea
Ia Ora Diving
Kaina Plongée
L'École de Plongée de Tahiti
Marquises Diving
Maupiti Diving
Moorea Blue Diving
Moorea Fun Dive
Moorea Underwater Experience
Nuku Dive
Nemoz Diving
Pacific Blue Adventure
Raie Manta Diving Tikehau
Scubapiti Moorea
Tahaa Diving
Tahiti Dive Management
Tahiti Iti Diving
Tahiti Nui Diving
Tahiti Ocean Explorer
Tahiti Plongée Passion
Tahiti Shark Expeditions
Te Mara Nui Plongee
Tetamanu Diving
The 6 Passengers
Tikehau Diving
Tubuai Plongée
Y Aka Plongée

For a tailor-made experience

You can ask support on booking
By default
You book yourself
When you buy a Pass, you contact our partner centers, directly and by your own means, to book your dives dates.
as option
We can book for you
Our team takes can care of booking and confirming your dives dates in our partner centers.

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